Mason Headrick
Student Leadership

Mason Headrick

Mason Headrick and Love Patel are students at McMinn County High School. At the beginning of their junior year, the two friends began working on a project together which they called Carbon Capturing. Their research project addresses two major problems for the global community--ocean acidification and global warming. In the project, they detailed a highly efficient chemical process that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They worked on this project for the entirety of the school year. Ultimately, they won first place at the school wide competition; first place in their grade and first place grand champions at the county wide competition. In addition, they also won the Yale Most Outstanding Exhibit in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Award. Their first place grand champions at the regional level allowed the pair to go to Atlanta, Georgia to compete internationally in Regeneron ISEF.

This project sparked the ambition of Mason and Love to learn more about the earth, its atmosphere, and the effects on our environment. The two wanted to learn more about carbon dioxide emissions and the ways to prevent global warming, the warming of the atmosphere due to carbon dioxide emissions in the future.

Their work has been inspirational in regard to their phenomenal work ethic and concern for the global community. They have gone above and beyond in terms of dedication and creativity and have held themselves to an extremely high standard.

In addition to STEM, both boys are actively involved in their high school holding various leadership positions, as well as their church / temple.