Dr. Rodney & Margo Fitzgerald


Dr. Rodney Fitzgerald

Retired, Dean, Cleveland State Community and former Director Public Information, After-School Program and Cleveland Public Education Foundation, Cleveland City Schools, Cleveland, TN

Rodney Fitzgerald has committed his life to service in our community in a variety of ways. He and his wife, Margo, live by Acts 20, Verse 35 which states, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” and established the Fitzgerald Family Foundation whose sole purpose is to support non-profit causes hoping to have a positive, sustainable impact on improving the lives of others. Being a life-long resident of Cleveland, Fitzgerald has always been committed to giving back to the “City of Spirit” that has afforded him many opportunities to learn, earn and serve. His passion has always been to give of his time, talents and resources in helping others.

Fitzgerald is a member and former Chair of the United Way Community Impact Team, the Chamber of Commerce’s Varnell Leadership Award Winner, Kiwanis Club Member, Charter Director and former President of the Bradley / Cleveland Public Education Foundation, just to name a few.

From significant direct donations to non-profits all around the community to the development of a family foundation that serves our community, to the development of a public education foundation that actively serves hundreds of teachers and thousands of students every year to volunteering for local non-profits on a weekly basis, coaching on investments, developing strategic plans, needs assessments, managing grants, serving on boards all over the community for more than 40 years, the impact is clear, the Fitzgerald legacy in this community is strong and will be on display for generations to come.

Margot Fitzgerald

Retired, National Projects Manager, Rosetta Stone, Cleveland, TN

Margo Fitzgerald has inspired countless leaders in the community to give back, get engaged, be involved and do more. She has been actively involved in our community, serving as a member of the United Way Hospital Endowment Fund Investment Committee, member of the Executive Board of United Way’s Women United, was voted the 2016 United Way Woman of the Year Award, member of the United Way Committee Impact Team, Board member of the Caring Place and former Director of Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Church.

She and her husband, Rodney, commit significant time in meeting, coaching, guiding and counseling. Never with a strong hand, but always with wisdom and direction for these developing leaders to grow within themselves. They don’t just donate money and sit back, they are engaged in nearly every venture in which they participate. They have been witness to the growth, success, and challenges of our community and have applied that in the form of wisdom about what the future may hold and what the best course of action for our work to make tomorrow a better day. They are not audience members or cheerleaders; they are much more than that. They are engaged participants in the growth and development of our community in any way they see will have a long-term impact. An author once said that a good leader has great followers, but a GREAT leader inspires others to lead, as well. The Fitzgeralds are some of the finest leaders this county has ever seen always putting their community FIRST!