Mary Beth Wickes


Director of Accompanying at Lee University

There are artists and musicians whose work is all about themselves. You see them center stage, illumined by a spotlight, the focus of attention, recognition and applause. Then, there are others who participate in the creation of art, whose efforts are not singled out by a spotlight, those who put others first to support and challenge others to excel without drawing attention to oneself—Mary Beth Wickes is the latter of the two.

For 28 years, Wickes has served her community as an accompanist of groups, large and small, from individual students in private lessons to the huge choirs of First Baptist Church, working with equal vigor from untrained amateur musicians and with professionals at the very height of musical expertise. Our region is full of musicians who have been taught, mentored, supported or inspired by Wickes. In addition, she has lent her services to support fund-raising efforts like Race for the Cure and other similar charitable events, using music to draw others to support the eradication of cancer, a battle she fought and won. Her personal courage during her own battle and her ongoing use of her artistry to provide a way for others to achieve that same victory has been described as both “courageous and inspiring.”

Wickes and her husband, Tom, are members of First Baptist Church of Cleveland. They have two sons and daughters-in law, Jim and April Wickes and Jeff and Julie Wickes. They have three granddaughters, Adison, Esme and Elsa and one grandson, Beau.