Dr. Ronald Coleman


Retired, Surgeon

Throughout his life’s work, Dr. Ron Coleman has defined “community” well beyond the community in which he lives. Locally, he helped establish and grow a successful general and vascular surgical practice in Cleveland, but he also founded and operated the Good Samaritan Clinic, providing free medical care to those who otherwise could not afford these services.

Nationally and internationally, Coleman has participated in over 80 trips abroad, with the majority of these trips being self-funded. Coleman has introduced many members of his church, friends and family to the mission field; providing financial assistance and planting the seed that has inspired them to continue in this work. Throughout the past 25 years, he has helped local hospitals, doctors and community leaders find ways to continue to provide healthcare to impoverished third-world countries in need. Over the years, he has been able to bring 11 children to the U.S. for surgeries that could not be performed in their home countries.

He and his wife, Rochelle, are members of Westwood Baptist Church. They have three sons, Joshua, Matthew and Christopher, and two daughters, Karen and Eva.