Brianna Riley

Student Leadership

Student, Cleveland State Community College

Since Cleveland State stands for putting ‘Community First,’ I aim to do the same because community is vital in the development of a leader, and one thing I have learned at Cleveland State is that leadership is not a title or something you are born with. It is a never ending process to better yourself and others around you.

--Brianna Riley

A sophomore at CSCC, Brianna Riley is not your typical student. She is currently a Presidential Honor’s Scholar maintaining a schedule of 23 hours all while demonstrating academic excellence and leadership service. She currently serves as the Vice President of Leadership for the Omega Omicron Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, President of the Cleveland State Curtain Call Society, a member of the Vocal Rhapsody ensemble and a Supplemental Instruction tutor for the college.

In addition to being a leader at the college, she is also involved in all aspects of her community. Her volunteer work has a multi-generational impact—from the toddlers and preschoolers that she has taught and volunteered with at First United Methodist Church Child Development Center, to the senior adults and dementia patients at care facilities such as Morningside and Brookdale, where she has spent hours researching favorite music of the residents and helping to organize a collaboration between the college and the senior communities. She also serves meals every Saturday through the Marcos Riojas Homeless Ministry. Riley is only beginning her journey in service, but has already had a greater impact than most who are more than twice her age.

Riley is the daughter of Edmond and Wendy Riley and is the sister of Macey.